How to create a new workspace for the existing project

Cloudpermit allows users to create workspaces for the existing projects. Workspaces can be added in the Project view linked from the application workspace. 

The feature is essential if users have a few building projects in the same province|state, and municipality.

If you wish to create a new workspace for another province|state, or municipality, go to the Dashboard and start creating your workspace as a new project (Create a New Application).

In this section, you will learn how to create a new workspace for the existing project.

  1. Click the project hyperlink in the header of the application workspace to enter the Project view.
  2. Click Create New Workspace in the Project view.
  3. Select the property location by its address and roll number, or find it by clicking and dragging on the map. The province|state, and municipality will be the same for the new workspace. 
  4. Click Next.
  5. Select an application type.
  6. Select a project type, category, work type, and target.
  7. Click Finish & Create.
  8. You will enter the Application workspace to fill out the project data and submit the application.
  9. Click the project hyperlink in the workspace to enter the Project view.
  10. The new workspace is under Applications.

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