Building 101: Deleting Draft Building Applications

Applicants have the option to permanently delete their draft applications from the Cloudpermit database. However, there are important considerations to note before proceeding with the deletion.

Steps to Permanently Delete a Draft Application:

  1. Considerations:
    • Deleting a draft application will also remove the entire project if it's the only application within the project.
    • Each party associated with the application, having an email address, will receive a notification regarding the application deletion.
    • Applications that have been submitted cannot be deleted but can be withdrawn. Refer to withdrawal procedures for submitted applications here.
  2. Initiate Deletion:
    • Navigate to the top of the application workspace.
    • Expand the "More Actions" drop-down menu.
    • Choose "Delete the application."
  3. Confirmation:
    • A prompt will appear confirming the deletion action.
    • Select "Yes, I want to delete the application."
    • Click "Delete."
  4. Completion:
    • Upon confirmation, the application will be permanently deleted from the Cloudpermit database.

Deleting a draft application permanently removes it from the Cloudpermit database, along with associated projects if applicable. Ensure to consider the implications before proceeding with the deletion. For further assistance or inquiries, please refer to our support resources.

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