Building 101: Apply for a Transfer of Permit

A building permit is issued to both an applicant and a property owner, but circumstances may require changes to these roles. Instead of revoking and re-issuing the permit, you can use the "Transfer of Permit" feature in Supplemental Permits to record these role changes. This article will guide you through the process of applying for a transfer of permit.

Step 1: Initiating a Transfer of Permit Application

1.1. In the "Work & Construction" phase, navigate to the "More Actions" drop-down menu in the workspace.

1.2. Select "Apply for Transfer of Permit."

1.3. Confirm your intention by selecting "Yes."

Step 2: Completing the Transfer of Permit Application

2.1. The new supplemental application workspace will be in "Draft" mode. The "Required Tasks" progress bar will guide you through the necessary steps before submission.

2.2. The original building permit application data will be copied to this new supplemental application and will be retained under "Related Workspaces."

Step 3: Assigning Party Roles

3.1. Identify both the new applicant and the new property owner.

3.2. If the new applicant and property owner are the same person and already exist in the application, you can assign them new roles.

3.3. If the new applicant and property owner are not yet assigned in the application, you must invite them, and they must accept the invitation to access it.

3.4. If the property owner was not initially invited, they must now be invited to the permit transfer to sign the required forms. This can be done in the "Parties to the Application" section of the workspace. More information on parties can be found here.

Step 4: Completing Required Forms in the "Application Data" Section

4.1. The "Required Tasks" progress bar will guide you on what needs to be done before submitting your application, indicated by red symbols that turn green when completed.

4.2. Expand the "Application Data" section, which contains forms that all four roles (existing and new applicants, existing property owners, and new property owners) must sign:

  • Plans Resubmission form: Click on the form, describe the changes in your plans, and sign off the form.
  • Transfer of Permit form: Click on the "Transfer of Permit Approval" form, and you will be taken to the form view. Decide if you, as an existing applicant and property owner, will remain in the application or be removed. Select the appropriate option and click "Sign Off."

4.3. You have now signed off on both required forms for the transfer of permit.

Step 5: Submitting the Transfer of Permit Application

5.1. With both required forms signed, your application is now complete and ready for submission to your municipal building department.

5.2. The status of your "Transfer of Permit" application will change to "Submitted" after you have submitted it to the municipal department.

Your transfer of permit application is now in progress. If necessary, you can still withdraw your application. For further instructions or assistance, please refer to our support resources.

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