Building 101: Required Tasks Toolbar

In Cloudpermit, creating a building application is a guided process. This article will guide you through completing the necessary application data for your building application. Let's get started!

Step 1: Application Data Overview

1.1. After creating your draft application, you will be taken to the application workspace.

1.2. At the top of the application workspace, you'll find the "Required Tasks" progress bar, which displays tasks that must be completed before proceeding.

1.3. Items marked with a red symbol indicate missing information in your application.

1.4. As you provide missing data, the red indicators will turn green, signifying readiness to proceed.

Step 2: Adding Required Roles

2.1. Some application types may require roles beyond the applicant.

2.2. If additional roles are needed, the "Parties" section will turn red, and missing roles will be defined to the right of the progress bar.

2.3. To add missing roles, go to the "Parties to the Application" section. You can also invite others to fulfill these roles. Information on how to add these parties can be found here.

Step 3: Completing Application Forms

3.1. Navigate to the "Application Data" section, where you will find forms listed under the "Waiting for Customer" tab.

3.2. Select the form and click on it to enter the form workspace.

3.3. Complete the required fields marked with a red asterisk (*). Other fields are optional.

3.4. Your data is automatically saved in the form.

3.5. To return to the application workspace, click "Back to Workspace" at the top left.

Step 4: Managing Attachments

4.1. Scroll down to the "Attachments" section.

4.2. Required attachments for your application are listed under "Required Attachments."

4.3. To add attachments, drag and drop files into the "drag-and-drop zone" or upload them from your computer. More information on attachments can be found here.

4.4. Cloudpermit automatically converts uploaded document types into an archivable PDF format.

Step 5: Application Completion and Submission

5.1. Return to the top of the application workspace, where the "Required Tasks" progress bar will show all required tasks as completed (green).

5.2. For some application types, applicants may need to digitally sign the declaration of the applicant form. If required, a "Sign Off Application" button will be available in the application workspace. More information on sign off can be found here.

5.3. If no signatures are needed, your application is now ready to be submitted to the municipal building department.

5.4. Click "Submit Application" to complete the process.

Congratulations! You have successfully completed the necessary steps to submit your building application in Cloudpermit. If you encounter any issues or have further questions, feel free to consult our support resources for assistance.


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