Land Use Permits|Appealing an application

Applicants have the right to file an appeal if they are denied planning permission for reasons they believe violate planning policy, if they are granted planning permission with conditions they disagree with, or if the decision on their planning applications is not made within the agreed-upon deadline. Municipal authorities will move the application to the "Appealed" step in Cloudpermit after receiving the applicant's objection. The appeals tribunal will hear the application.

Following the decision, the municipal authority will change the application step in Cloudpermit to "Rejected" or "In review" based on the decision.

  1. The municipal planning authority has set the application step to "Rejected" in Cloudpermit.
  2. Cloudpermit sends an automated email informing applicants that their application has been rejected.
  3. The case must be assigned to the appropriate appeal tribunal for review if the applicant files an appeal.

    In a separate letter, the municipal authority will inform applicants about the appeals process. Following the decision, the application will either be rejected or returned to the "in review" stage, where it will be worked on further in Cloudpermit. The municipal authority will notify you about the final decision.


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