How to create a special use permit application

The video tutorial shows you how to create an application in Cloudpermit: "How to submit an application." You can use it as a base for creating the land use permit applications.

When you enter the "Application type, Project type, and Category" workspace during your application creation, follow the steps below for the special use permit application.

  1. Select "Land Use" for an application type in the "Application type, Project type, and Category" workspace.
  2. Select the "category": Special use permit. Then, choose the work type and target and click "Next."
  3. Click "Create a New Project" tab and enter a name for your application. Click "Next."
  4. Use the address, PIN, or PID to find the property. Furthermore, you can search for properties on the map by dragging your mouse on the map and clicking on the property. The property details are shown on the right. To proceed, click "Next."
  5. The "Summary" view summarizes the information you've entered. If it is correct, proceed by pressing "Finish & Create."

  6. You have created a workspace for the draft Land Use Permit application for the special use permit.

  7. The workspace header includes a link to the "Messages" workspace, where you can communicate with the municipal department through public or direct messages. More information about the "Messages" feature can be found here. 

  8. The header contains the email notification control, which is enabled by default. Cloudpermit will send you automated email notifications when the status of your application changes, so keep the email notifications enabled. 

  9. The "Required Tasks" progress bar displays the actions you must complete before submitting your application. You can submit your application once all tasks have been marked with the green symbol.

  10. Navigate to the "Application Data" section and complete the necessary form. Cloudpermit saves your changes to the form automatically.

  11. You have now completed the form.

  12. All required actions in the application workspace have been completed. You can now sign off on the application. Click "Sign off Application."

  13. Navigate to the "Declaration and Signatures" and click "Sign Off."

  14. The application type requires an upfront payment. Click "Continue to Payment."

  15. You will be directed to the application workspace's "Fees & Payments" section. The payment instructions are usually provided by the municipality in this section. If you need more information about the payment methods, use the "Messages" feature in the application header to contact your municipal department.

    When you pay the fee and click "Submit upon Payment," the municipal authority will acknowledge the payment and move the due fee to the "Paid" step. Your special use permit application will then be automatically submitted.

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