Land Use Permits|Creating a land use permit application

Cloudpermit allows you to request Zoning, Special Use, and Conditional Use permits during the application creation process. The process of creating a land use application is similar to that of obtaining a building or planning permit.

In the video tutorial, you can see how to create an application in Cloudpermit.

"How to submit an application." 

When you enter the "Application type, Project type, and Category" workspace during the application creation, follow the steps below for the Land Use permit application.

Select Land Use for an application type in the "Application type, Project type, and Category" workspace.

Select the "category": 

  • Conditional Use Permit
  • Special Use Permit
  • Zoning Use Permit.

The work type and work target selection will be displayed based on your category selection. Choose a work type and a target. Click "Next."

Complete your draft Land Use Permit application as instructed in the video tutorial. 

According to the category type selected, Cloudpermit displays the correct application workspace with the required forms and attachments (if any are required for the selected permit type). 

To complete the application data, certain category types may be required. The red circle in the "Required Tasks" progress bar indicates that you must enter application data. Cloudpermit generates a correct form for you to fill out automatically.

Expand the "Application Data" section and fill out the required application form.

Click "Sign Off Application" on the top right of the application.

In the Sign-Off workspace, click "Sign Off."

Municipalities may require upfront payments for certain types of land use permits. The "Continue to Payment" button in Cloudpermit will appear in that case. To access the Fees & Payments section, click on it.

Your municipality provides you with instructions on how to make the upfront payment. Once done, click "Submit Upon Payment."

The municipal authorities will acknowledge receipt of the payment, and the application status will change to "Submitted."

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