Land Use Permits| Applicant| Creating a Land Use Permit application

Cloudpermit allows applicants to request Zoning, Special Use, and Conditional Use Permits during the application creation. The application creation process in Land Use is similar to Building and Planning permits. 

Applicants select Land Use for the application type in the Application Type, Project type & Category view. Cloudpermit prompts to choose a category, i.e., the permit type with a work type and work target configured for the selected category. Some application types may require pre-consultation. If so, applicants will be prompted to enter the pre-consultation workspace to complete and submit the request.

With each guided step, Cloudpermit ensures that applicants always have accurate and correct applications to submit to their municipality authorities. 

To submit your application, follow the steps demonstrated in the video tutorial "How to submit an application." 

When you enter the Application type, Project type & Category view during the application creation, follow the steps below.

  1. Select Land Use for an application type in the Application type, Project type & Category view.
  2. Select Category:
  • Conditional Use Permit
  • Special Use Permit
  • Zoning Use Permit.

The Work Type and Work Target selection will be shown according to your category choice.

        3. Select Work Type and Work Target. 

  • If the category type requires a pre-consultation, the option will be displayed after the category, work type, and target selection. Cloudpermit will guide you to the Pre-Consultation workspace to complete and submit the request.

        4. Click Next.

Complete your draft Land Use Permit application as instructed in the video tutorial. 

The pre-consultation in the Land Use Permits process is similar to the Building and Planning pre-consultation. See the steps for creating a pre-consultation request here

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