Land Use Permits|Starting a new building permit workspace from the Land Use Permit workspace

When you have a zoning, special use, or conditional use permit application but need a building permit, you can create it from any of the abovementioned permit applications. Cloudpermit allows you to copy information from the existing permit application and link the permit and building application workspaces.

When the zoning, special use, or conditional permit is issued, the building permit application is also usually made. The building application is sometimes created and submitted before the permits are issued.

  1. Navigate to the workspace header's "More Actions" drop-down menu and select "Create a new building workspace" from the list.
  2. You'll be taken to the "Create a new workspace" view, where you'll be asked to select a category, work type, and work target. Click "Next. 
  3. The new workspace information is included in the "Summary" view. Click the "Create Workspace" button.
  4. The new building application workspace for the existing permit has been created. The linked permit application appears under "Related Workspaces." To enter the workspace, click the arrow in the permit application.
  5. You can now start filling out the building permit application and submit it to your municipality.

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