What is the pre-consultation in the planning approval process?

A pre-consultation process in planning permitting allows potential applicants and their authorized representatives to present and discuss their development proposals with relevant municipality staff and external agencies. The pre-consultation phase allows the local government authorities to clarify the applicant's application process.

How do I know in Cloudpermit if I need a pre-consultation?

When applying for planning approval in Cloudpermit, the service is integrated into your local government's data. Depending on your application type, local government authorities may have determined that some specific site approval applications must undergo the pre-consultation phase before the approval process.

If the site approval application requires a pre-consultation, applicants will be notified when selecting the application's project category, work type, and target.  

How do I create a pre-consultation request in Cloudpermit?

If your planning approval application states that you must undergo the pre-consultation process, follow the instructions for creating a pre-consultation request

In the pre-consultation request, focus on essentials and describe the content of your proposal in a straightforward form in the "Project data" section.

Upload, for example, draft plans, building drawings, or site plans to your request to support the planning proposal. You can do it in the "Attachments" section.

During the pre-consultation process, you can provide more information about your request or ask questions from your municipal authorities through Cloudpermit's messaging tool. 

What is the purpose of the pre-consultation meeting with your local government authority?

The pre-consultation often includes meetings between applicants and authorities. The pre-consultation meeting allows authorities and other stakeholders to provide preliminary comments on the development proposal and identify critical issues. Parties can confirm the supporting information, documentation, and studies submitted with the pre-consultation request. In that way, the process will lead to faster application approvals, requiring reduced modifications. 

When the authority starts to review your pre-consultation request and sends you a meeting invitation, you will get an email notification about them.

During the pre-consultation meetings, you can monitor the agenda topics and times for sessions agreed upon between you and the authority in Cloudpermit. After the meeting is held, you will have the meeting minutes in your application's workspace.

Finally, after completing the pre-consultation, the local government authority saves the results in Cloudpermit and emails you instructions on applying for planning approval in Cloudpermit.


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