Conditions in the planning applications

Planning conditions are frequently imposed on the granting of planning permission. These specify and control how the planning permission must be carried out. Conditions are intended to improve the quality of planning applications by mitigating any negative consequences. 

Municipal planning authorities can use Cloudpermit to add conditions to planning approval applications during the approval process. All conditions will be displayed in the application's "Conditions and Comments" section.

The condition is still in effect until it is discussed with the applicant. To be approved, conditions may require you to provide information about the condition and how you intend to meet it. The conditions imposed will determine what you must demonstrate. Your municipality's planning department will provide all the necessary information.

When the condition has been met, the municipal authority will sign off on it and close the condition.

  1. You can find the conditions in the application and fullfillment workspaces. Scroll down to the "Conditions and Comments" section. This section contains all of the conditions that have been applied to your approval application.
  2. Your municipal authority has informed you of the condition and given you instructions on meeting the requirements. The municipal planning authority will sign off on the condition in the approval application once the requirements are met. The condition will be closed automatically once it has been signed off on.

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