Email notifications in the approval application process

Cloudpermit will automatically send you an email if you haven't disabled email notifications in your application's workspace header. Email notifications are by default enabled.

You will receive an email notification if any of the following happens to your application for approval:

  • The pe-consultation request has been submitted.
  • The pre-consultation meeting has been confirmed, or held.
  • The pre-consultation report has been published.
  • The approval application has been submitted.
  • You have deleted the draft application from your workspace.
  • You have requested a withdrawal for your application and the withdrawal has been accepted by your municipal planning department.
  • You have been invited to collaborate in another application workspace.
  • Your application is waiting for a payment.
  • Your application has been deemed complete (Application Complete).
  • Once your application is in the "circulation" step.
  • Once your application is in the "review" step.
  • You have received a change request for your application data.
  • The council's decision is available in the application workspace's "Council/Committee Decision" section.
  • Your application has been rejected, or refused during the public notice hearings.
  • Your application has been set to the "Appealed" step.
  • Your application is in the "Draft Approval" or "Draft Approval Review" once you have provided the required changes to the application.
  • Your application is in the "In approval" step.
  • Your application has been approved.
  • Your application has been set to the "Finished" step.

Cloudpermit will also send you an email notification if you have messages in your application workspace. These messages are in the "Message" feature, accessed via a link (Show messages) in the application workspace header.

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