How to Remove a Business Account Member

To remove a member from your business account, follow these straightforward steps, assuming you have administrator rights:

  1. Access Business Information: Sign into your account and go to the "Business Information" view, which is the central hub for managing account details.
  2. Find Users in Business Section: Look for the "Users in Business" section. This part lists all the individuals associated with your business account, including members and administrators.
  3. Identify the Member: Scroll through the list to find the member you wish to remove. This step is crucial for ensuring you select the correct individual, especially in accounts with many users.
  4. Access More Options: Next to the member’s name, click on the vertical dots to reveal a drop-down menu. This menu contains various options for managing the selected user.
  5. Initiate Removal: From the drop-down menu, choose "Remove user." This action will trigger a confirmation dialog box, asking you to verify the removal.
  6. Confirm the Action: Click "Yes" in the confirmation dialog to proceed with removing the member from the business account.

Once confirmed, the member will be successfully removed from the business account. This action revokes their access to the account and any related application workspaces. Removing members is a necessary step when their association with the business ends or when their role changes in a way that no longer requires access to the business account. Always ensure that such changes are communicated appropriately to maintain transparency and understanding within the business environment.

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