How to Remove a Business Account Administrator

To remove an administrator from a business account, follow these steps, ensuring you have administrator access yourself to perform this action:

  1. Access Business Information: Log in to the account and navigate to the "Business Information" view where account details are managed.
  2. Navigate to User Management: Find the "Users in Business" section which lists all individuals associated with the business account.
  3. Identify Administrator: Locate the administrator you wish to remove. This will require you to scroll through the list of users if your business has multiple individuals with varying roles.
  4. Open Options: Click on the vertical dots next to the administrator's name to reveal a dropdown menu with various options.
  5. Select to Remove: From the dropdown menu, choose "Remove user." This action prompts a confirmation dialog.
  6. Confirm Removal: Click "Yes" in the confirmation dialog to finalize the removal of the administrator from the business account.

After removal, the individual will no longer have access to the business account or any of the administrative privileges, including access to the application workspace. If you wish to retain the individual within the account without administrative rights, consider changing their role from administrator to member. This adjustment allows the person to remain in the account with limited access, suitable for viewing business data without the capability to make administrative changes. 

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