Understanding the Enhanced Circulation Feature

Implementing Conditions in Workspaces:

  • Pre-defined conditions, based on configuration, can be automatically integrated into various workspaces enhancing consistency and accuracy.



Cloudpermit’s latest update enhances the circulation feature, fostering more informed decision-making in evaluating planning and building applications' completeness.


1. How It Works:

  • Submission and Circulation: Workspaces are circulated amongst approver groups for comprehensive feedback upon submission.
  • Feedback and Revision: Planners can revise workspace statuses and communicate necessary changes based on received feedback.
  • Applicant Notification and Adjustment: Applicants receive notifications and insights into circulation comments, allowing necessary adjustments and resubmissions.
  • Reevaluation: The circulation, feedback, and adjustment processes continue until a workspace is deemed 'complete'.

2. Key Enhancements:

  • Visibility: Clear identification of the circulation request states and visibility adjustments for applicants to view results after completion.

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  • Categorization:  Circulation requests are based on their completion states, promoting organized information retrieval.

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3. Implementation Notes:

  • Phrases Feature: Phrases can now be used in the request description text box to support common request language.
  • Circulation Results Visibility: Results can now be made visible to applicants after the circulation request completion.

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