How to record the circulation result on the stakeholder's behalf

When the circulation round is over, the department in charge will usually put the results of the circulation round in Cloudpermit.

  1. Select the circulation request in the "Circulation" section of the application workspace.
  2. Click "Finish Circulation."
  3. Determine who will be able to see the circulation results. The default is authorities and a selected circulation assignee. You can change this by selecting the appropriate person from the "Assignee" drop-down menu.
  4. Choose the circulation result from the drop-down list.
  5. There are two ways to include feedback from the circulation round: 1) enter a comment in the "Comments" field, 2) upload a file containing the circulation comments. Note: You cannot add a written comment if you upload a comment file.
  6. 1) Enter your comments in the "Comments" field and click "Finish Circulation" to complete it.

  7. 2) Check the box next to "Comments are provided in an attachment" and upload the file. Click "Finish Circulation."

  8. You have now either uploaded the comment file or added a written comment to the circulation request. You can now close the circulation request.

  9. The circulation request is now complete, and you have recorded received stakeholder comments to Cloudpermit.

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