How to create and request a circulation request in the building application

The application review may involve various departments, outside organizations, and businesses. Municipalities can use Cloudpermit to circulate applications to third-party organizations.

In Cloudpermit, the municipal administrator has made a list of circulation departments and stakeholders from which the reviewer can choose when making a circulation request. When the appropriate department gets the request to circulate, it can send it along with the application to several other groups for approval or feedback.

A circulation result is usually made by the department in charge. The result will be recorded and saved in the application workspace in Cloudpermit. Sometimes, the municipal authority will record the results of the circulation in Cloudpermit on behalf of the third-party organization. 

  1. Navigate to "Circulation." Click "Add Circulation Request." 
  2. Select the due date for the circulation. 
  3. Choose whether to display the circulation request in the application to all stakeholders and applicants.

    The "Send a request to" section of the circulation request displays the available organizations. When you submit a circulation request, it is sent to all of the organizations listed in the request. To the right of the organization tab, click the "cross" symbol to remove un unnecessary organization before submitting.

  4. If you need to add additional circulation organizations and authorities to those listed above, use the drop-down menus under "Add New Organizations." The selection is municipality-based.
  5. Once you have made your selection, click "Add New".
  6. The stakeholder has been added to the circulation request. Click "Send Circulation Request." The selected organizations will receive a notification of the circulation request.
  7. All circulation requests will be saved in the "Circulation" section of the application workspace. Click the downwarding arrow next to the request's status to expand the circulation request.

  8. If you want to cancel the made request, click "Cancel Request." All involved organizations and stakeholders will be notified of the cancellation.

  9. The circulation result will be recorded in the respective circulation request once the circulation round is completed. Read more here.

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