Code Enforcement Public View

The Cloudpermit Code Enforcement product allows municipalities to enforce violations of statutes or ordinances governing public health, safety, public works, and building standards.

Municipal code enforcement authorities manage citizen complaints, inspections, and code enforcement cases, which are accessible via any browser or mobile device in Cloudpermit.

Citizens typically report code violations via phone, email, the municipal website, word of mouth, or social media to the municipality's code enforcement officer.

A municipal code enforcement department can publish a "Public View" in Cloudpermit to allow citizens to submit new complaints.

Municipal administrative staff can choose which contact information, such as name, phone number, address, and email address, is required by the complainant and provide options for different types of complaints, such as "long grass," "old vehicles," "garbage," and so on.

Citizens will fill out the required information in the complaint and submit it to the municipality's code enforcement officer via Cloudpermit. They can also choose if they wish to receive a response to their complaint by email. 

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