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Planning conditions are often applied to the grant of planning permission. These limit and control how the planning permission must be implemented. Conditions aim to improve the quality of planning applications by mitigating any adverse effects. 

Cloudpermit allows municipal planning authorities to add conditions to planning applications during the approval process. All conditions will appear in the application's Conditions and Comments section.

The condition is in open status until it has been discussed with the Applicant. To gain approval of conditions, you may be required to provide information concerning the condition and how you intend to meet it. What you must demonstrate will depend on the conditions which have been imposed. Your municipal planning department will provide you with all the necessary information. 

After the condition is discharged, the Municipal Planning Authority will sign off on the conditions and close them. 

  1. Scroll down to Conditions and Comments in the Fulfillment workspace. You will find all conditions in this section.
  2. After discharging the condition, the Municipal Planning Authority will sign off and close it.

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