How to respond to a comment provided by the authority

This tutorial outlines how you can view comments regarding the approval request and respond to them in the Conditions and Comments section. The approval request has come to the Review (In Review) phase in the process. The received comments are visible to all stakeholders within the application.Review

Go to the Application workspace.
Scroll to the Conditions and Comments section.
Click on the section to expand it.
All conditions and comments regarding the approval request are listed in the view.
The comment that is assigned to an applicant remains in open (Open) status. It means that the applicant and any other stakeholders can enter comments on it.

The open comment form includes the following:
  • Heading of the comment created by the authority.
  • ID shows the ordinal number of the comment.
  • The title specifies the content.
  • Round number states the ordinal circulation number.
  • Status Open means the commenting is open to all stakeholders in the application.
  • The assignee is the person to whom the comment is addressed.

Click on the comment row to enter the comment panel. 

The comment panel opens on the right.
The comment to which you are responding appears there.

If you want to enter a comment, click on New Response+.

To respond to the comment, click on New Response+.
The status remains Open.
Enter a comment and click Send Response.
Success - The response has been sent to the recipient.
The status of the comment has changed to Responded.
Click the comment row on the left to close the comment panel.
The newly responded comment appears now in the comment list of the respective topic.
The authority also sees that the comment has been entered into the application.

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