How to add a circulation request

This tutorial shows how to add a circulation request to an application under In Review status.

In the Application Workspace, go to the Circulation block and click Add a New Circulation Request.
A new circulation request form opens.

Add the following:
  • Due date
  • Description for the circulation request
  • Additional visibility (stakeholders - applicant)

Select the organization from which you wish to request the circulation.

Select the person to send the circulation request.

Confirm the selection by clicking Add New +.

The selected organization and the responsible person appear in the form.

You can request other circulation from another organization on the same request form.

Select the organization and the responsible person from the drop-down menus and confirm by clicking Add New +.

Once ready, click Send Circulation Request.

Success - The new circulation request appears in the Circulation block.
The responsible persons have also received an email notification about it.
The circulation request also appears in the Tasks and Requests view of the person the request has been addressed.

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