How to edit personal data in My profile

Cloudpermit users can edit their personal data in the My profile section anytime. My profile is accessible from the Cloudpermit header.

The My profile section includes user-generated data, like a name, address, and phone number. You can add a corporation or a partnership to the data f you work on behalf of any. You can add your company with licenses to your profile data. Additionally, you can manage your account passwords in My profile.  if you are a professional user

This tutorial will show how to edit My profile information in your Cloudpermit account. Note that modifying your personal information does not automatically change the details in your previously created projects and applications in Cloudpermit.

  1. Navigate to the User Menu in the header. Select My profile from the drop-down menu.
  2. Make changes to your personal data.
  3. A confirmation notification will appear after each of your edits at the top of the view. Cloudpermit automatically saves changes.
  4. Return to your Dashboard by clicking the navigation link Back to Dashboard in the header. 

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