How to register a Cloudpermit account

Cloudpermit allows registering a user account for the service.  

Users in Canada:  Go to 

Users in the USA: Go to

The Cloudpermit-supported browsers are Google, Safari, and Firefox. Create the account only for your personal use, even if you represent a company, client, or relative. It will help avoid any potential access issues in the future.    

Why is registering your account in Cloudpermit important?

Registering your account will speed up creating applications in Cloudpermit. You will receive a user ID and password to log in to the service on any mobile device anytime. All your applications, documents, and personal data are safe and accessible anytime, also after you have finished your projects. 

This tutorial will learn how to register your Cloudpermit account. The registration takes only a few minutes.

  1. Copy-paste the desired login link above to the browser.
  2. Click Create Now in the Cloudpermit registration view.
  3. Enter the email address. It will be your User ID.
  4. Click on the Terms of Service link. Read the terms carefully.
  5. Select the check box Yes, I agree to the Terms of Service.
  6. Click Continue.
  7.  Check your mailbox to verify the registration. Check the junk and spam folders if you cannot locate the verification email in your mailbox.
  8.  Click Complete registration in your email verification.
  9. You are directed to the Cloudpermit to complete your profile information.
  10. Fill out your personal user information. Your email address is automatically included.
  11. If you are a professional user having Cloudpermit for work, follow steps 12 - 14.
  12. Professional users: Select the check box " I am an Architect, Engineer, BCIN Designer, Consultant, Contractor, or similar under Professional users.
  13. Fill out your company information and licenses, if applicable. They will make using Cloudpermit easier in your applications.
  14. Create a password. 
  15. Click Complete Registration.
  16. The registration is completed. You can now start creating your first draft application in Cloudpermit. After completing your draft application, you will enter the Cloudpermit Dashboard.






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