How to log in to Cloudpermit as a registered user

The Cloudpermit login is for registered users. You will receive your user ID and a password after registering your account to Cloudpermit. 

After registering, use one of the following links to access the Cloudpermit Login:  

If you are in Canada, go to 

If you are in the USA, go to

You can log in to Cloudpermit on any mobile device. The supported browsers are Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari. 

  1. If you have selected Canada or the USA as your country and want to choose another country instead, click Change country on the top left of the login view and select the other country.
  2. Enter the email address you used for registration and click Next.
  3.  Enter the password and click Log In.
  4.  You have now logged in to your Cloudpermit account.
  5. Start creating your first draft application by clicking Create a New Application. 
  6. If you want to update your personal information, navigate to the Cloudpermit header and click the arrow next to your username.
  7. Select My profile to enter your data.

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