Enforcement Product features

The "Code Enforcement" product includes the features listed below to improve your user experience in the code enforcement workflow.

The "By-Law Enforcement" product is only available to Canadian customers and has the same features as the "Code Enforcement" product.

Complaint and Case Management

The "Complaint and Case Management" feature, also known as the "Complaints" workspace in the user interface, offers comprehensive functionalities for code enforcement officers to process complaints and create code enforcement cases.

The workspace is accessible via a link from the user dashboard.

The "Complaints" workspace includes an interactive map to assist officers in searching for code enforcement violation properties on the map or filtering complaints by status (open, reviewed, abandoned) and displaying them as cards with property details and an access link to the complaint.

Making a case for a complaint will initiate the code enforcement process. Cloudpermit also creates a prescheduled inspection for all newly created cases.

Public View

A municipal code enforcement department can publish a “Public View” in Cloudpermit to display the existing complaints and code enforcement cases on a map view. The “Public View” also enables citizens to submit new complaints to the code enforcement department.  

The “Public View” functionality is configurable. The municipality determines the complaint categories and which contact information, for example, name, phone, address, and email, the complainant must fill out on the complaint card. 

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