How to upload a new version of an attachment

The Attachments feature is available in all application types in Cloudpermit. Municipalities configure required attachments to each application type to ensure they have the correct attachment requirements. In that way, Applicants will only submit valid applications with relevant attachments.

In this section, you will learn how to upload a new version of an attachment in Cloudpermit. Occasionally, a local government authority may request, for example, a revision on a site plan attachment. In this case, you must upload a new version of the provided attachment to the application.

  1. In the Application workspace, scroll to Attachments.
  2. Select the attachment you wish to revise.
  3. Click the down-facing arrow beside the selected attachment
  4. Click Upload new version.
  5. Locate the file from your local folder and upload it.
  6. The new version of the selected attachment is uploaded. Cloudpermit converts all attachments to archivable PDF format and saves all previous versions.
  7. Click Open Attachment Review to view the uploaded attachment in the preview window.
  8. The attachment preview should look similar to the image below.

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