How to upload a new attachment version

Once you have finished your draft application or have already sent your application to the municipal department, you can upload a new version of your attachment in the "Attachments" section of the application. In that case, use your application's "Message" workspace to notify your municipality of any changes you've made to your attachments.

Also, building and planning authorities in your city or town may sometimes ask you to upload a new version of the attachment you already have. You will be notified of the change request in your dashboard's "Tasks and Requests" section. From the change request, you can access the workspace's Attachments section.

Learn more here.

  1. In the application workspace, scroll to "Attachments." Select the attachment you wish to revise and click the downward arrow next to the attachment type to expand the section.
  2. Click "Upload New Version."
  3. Locate and upload the file from your local folder.
  4.  The new attachment version PDF has been uploaded. The new version (Version 2) doesn't override the current version (Version 1). Both versions are saved in Cloudpermit. 
  5. You can review the both version in the file preview window. Select the file and click "Open Attachment Review".
  6. The file preview window displays the chosen attachment PDF.

Read the support article for using the file preview tool here.

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