Fullfilment|How to add a condition and set the approval application to finished

The Fulfillment workspace will appear after the approval has been approved. The Fulfillment phase is the last step in the planning process. It will close the approval process. However, sometimes, the application can be approved with certain conditions that will be added to the application. After the Applicant has signed off on the condition, the application will be approved and closed. 

This article explains how to add a condition to the approval and set it as finished.

  1. Click the Fulfillment workspace link.

Adding a condition

  1. Scroll to the Conditions and Comments section.
  2. Fill out the conditions and click Add Condition.
  3. Click Set as Finished.
  4. The condition has been added to the approval application.
  5. The Applicant will be notified about the condition which requires the Applicant's sign-off. After signing it off, the approval can be closed.
  6. If the approval requires any bills, add them in the Fees & Payments section. The Applicant will be notified about them.
  7. The Applicant has paid all outstanding payments and signed off on the possible condition. The approval application can be set as finished. Click Set as Finished at the top of the Fulfillment workspace. Confirm it.
  8. The approval application is now in the Finished step.

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