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After reviewing the application, the Municipal Planning Authority will start the approval process if the application is otherwise completed. The Municipal Authority will upload a Council's Decision to the application and either approve it on or refuse it. If the decision is to refuse the application, the Applicant will have a right to appeal it. Look for further information here.

  1. Click Begin Approval.
  2. Confirm by clicking Yes.
  3. Scroll to Council and Commitee Decision in the Application workspace. Click Upload Council's Decision.
  4. Upload the document from your computer. Cloudpermit will generate the decision document into a PDF file.

Refusing an application

  1. Scroll up the Application workspace. Select the Refuse application option from the More Actions drop-down list.
  2. Follow the steps described here.

Approving the application

  1. Click Approve at the top of the Application workspace.
  2. The Applicant and involved parties in the application will automatically be notified via email. 

Selecting upper-tier approval 

The municipal planning administrators may have preconfigured various approval tiers for each planning application type. The step in the approval phase will show you which approval tier is preconfigured for the application.

A screenshot of a computer Description automatically generated 

  1. Navigate to the More Actions drop-down menu in the Application workspace. 
  2. Select Set approval authority to upper-tier option from the drop-down list.A screenshot of a computer

Description automatically generated
  3. Click Upper-Tier Approval on the top right of the application workspace.A screenshot of a computer 
Description automatically generated 
  4. The application has been moved to the upper-tier approval step. It will be redirected to the upper-tier authorities for approval.Graphical user interface, application, Teams Description automatically generated 
  5. After receiving the decision from the upper-tier approval, the Planning Authority will either approve the application or refuse it.

Refusing an application

  1. See the steps here. 




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