How to request a pre-consultation for a Building permit process

Pre-consultation is a pre-application step that is usually voluntary for Building applicants. However, local governments may configure it as a mandatory step for specific application types.   

Suppose pre-consultation is not mandatory in the selected building application type. In that case, applicants may decide if they wish to have pre-consultation for their building plans. The pre-consultation option is available after selecting the application type, category, work type, and target for the draft application. 

The pre-consultation process includes one or more interactive meetings arranged through Cloudpermit, where applicants and their authorized representatives can present and discuss their development proposal with relevant staff and external agencies within the local government well advanced of the project start. 

Cloudpermit enables municipalities to track and document their pre-consultation process digitally. 

The pre-consultation process is as follows:

  • Applicants request a pre-consultation through a guided step-by-step process in Cloudpermit. The pre-consultation usually includes one or more meetings between the parties, which the municipal building authority sets up via Cloudpermit. 
  • Upon meeting completion, the authority prepares a pre-consultation report and a draft approval application with requirements for the applicants to submit to the municipality in Cloudpermit.
  1. Start your Building application creation from the Dashboard
  2. Give a name for your project and click Next.
  3. Select a province|state, and municipality from the drop-down menus. Select the property location and click Next.
  4. Select a Building permit for an application type.
  5. Choose a project type and category. 
  6. Enable the pre-consultation toggle switch and click Next.
  7. Click Finish and Create.
  8. You will enter the Pre-Consultation workspace. See the instructions regarding the required party roles and attachments. Expand the Project Data section.
  9. Fill out the required * project data. Cloudpermit saves changes on the forms automatically.
  10. The project data is completed.
  11. Scroll up the view. The information field states if the request requires any roles or attachments. Scroll down to Parties to the Application.
  12. Click the pen icon on the party card to add a party to the application. Select the missing party from the roles drop-down menu.
  13. Click Close.
  14. Scroll down to Attachments and add all required ones. You can also add any documents you think will be beneficial for understanding your building project. See instructions here.
  15. Once all required data is completed, click Request Pre-Consultation.
  16. The request is submitted and waiting for the municipal building authority to review it. 

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