Filtering workspaces

The filtering functionality is under Search in the user Dashboard. Cloudpermit provides you with a set of preconfigured filtering criteria:

  • Assignee
  • Reviewer
  • Status
  • Category
  • Permit expiry
  • Municipality

The criteria selection may vary according to the product and the country (the US, Canada). 

This article applies to municipal authorities and shows you how to filter workspaces using various filtering criteria.

  1. Select the product or a few products under Search.
  2. Select the filtering criteria from the drop-down lists. Each drop-down list contains items related to the Cloudpermit products. The number of your selection is not limited. The map view under Results will show property pins matching your filtering criteria.
  3. Click the pin on the map, and the property card with details opens on the right. The selected property pin turns red on the map.
  4. Click Open Workspace on the card to enter the application workspace.

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