Land Use Permits|Authority|Adding a condition and managing them in the Land Use permit applications

Setting conditions are part of planning approvals. The Conditions section is available for the Special Use Permits and Conditional Use Permits in the Land Use Permits product.  

Cloudpermit provides authorities with tools to add conditions to the workspaces and manage them.

The Conditions section appears as soon as the workspace enters an In review state. All uncleared conditions added in the Application phase should carry over to the Fulfillment phase. However, the workspace does not enter the Finished state if open conditions exist in the fulfillment phase.

Adding a condition

  1. Scroll to Conditions in the Application workspace.
  2. Click Add Condition.
  3. Add a condition description and the condition text. Click Add Condition.
  4. The condition has been added.

Managing conditions (editing, deleting, reordering)

  1. Click Edit.
  2. Make changes to the description, sign-off department, and condition text. If needed, click Delete to remove the condition from the application.
  3. Click Reorder to change the order of the conditions.
  4. Drag the icon on the right with a mouse and drop the condition to the desired place in the order of the conditions.

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