Release Notes 2022-10-25

New Features

Municipality user can complete a circulation on behalf of the stakeholder

If the stakeholder who is suppose to respond to a circulation request is not able to complete their task or for some other reason circulation is left unanswered in Cloudpermit, the municipality user processing the application is able to complete the request and provide the respond.

Click on the "Finish Circulation" button to provide the comments and then "Save Changes".

New online payment providers

Two new online payment providers are now supported:

Filter unassigned workspaces and workspaces with unassigned reviews in the Dashboard

Finding a workspace which is not assigned to anyone or finding a workspace which has at least one review not assigned to anyone is now possible and easy. Select "Unassigned" from the respective drop-downs in the Dashboard search.

New template fields for Occupancy permit template

You can now add "Scope of work" and "Permit description" fields from the permit application and Deficiencies table from the inspection to populate in the Occupancy permit templates. Simply add and use %scope-of-work% and %permit-description% placeholders in the template. Deficiencies table is already added automatically but you can modify it to meet your needs.

Demolition code for StatsCan and MPAC reporting (only for Canada)

Demolition permits can be now reported as "Demolition" according to the self-coding guide from Statistics Canada ( Demolition code is "16 Demolition" which is available in the drop-down field "Statistics Canada work type".

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