How to conduct a field inspection

By-law enforcement inspectors will have assigned inspections in their My today view. All scheduled inspections appear in the Scheduled Events section. 

The field inspection includes reviewing the by-law enforcement workspace, adding, for example, photos to the case, creating internal notes for other department authorities, creating violations, and reporting the visit result. 

Additionally, Cloudpermit automatically generates a downloadable inspection report PDF saved in the selected inspection's All Visits section.

This article describes how to conduct an assigned by-law enforcement inspection.   

1. Click the My today link under Inspections on the Dashboard.

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2. Select the code enforcement inspection and click Inspect.

3. Click Start New Visit at the right of the Inspection view.

Adding violations & remarks 

  1. Scroll down to Violations & Remarks. Click Add New Violation/ Remark+.Graphical user interface, application 
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  2.  Fill out the violation/remark report. Select the discovery date from the Calendar. If it applies, Select the "This is only a remark" check box. Type a reference. Describe your findings in detail. Click Add and Close+

You have now created a draft violation or remark for your case. After correcting the violation, the By-Law Enforcement Officers conduct a new visit to verify the resolved violation. 

Editing or deleting a violation/remark

  1. Click Edit and make your changes in the report and save them. You can, for example, change the violation to a remark.
  2. To remove the draft violation/remark, click Delete. Confirm your deletion after that.

See more instructions in the article How to add, edit, and delete a violation/remark for a case. 

Adding photos

Scroll to Photos. Photos can be dragged and dropped in the drag-and-drop zone or uploaded from your computer.

See more instructions here.

Recording the visit result

  1. Scroll to Inspection & Visit Result.
  2. In this section, you can pass or fail your inspection. If you have made any violations for the inspection, they cannot be passed before the violation has been corrected.
  3. Choose how you have conducted the inspection: On-Site OR Communication only. 
  4. Enter internal notes (optional) and site conditions (optional).
  5. Select the result from the Result for this visit* drop-down:
  • No access to the property
  • Inspection not complete - It will set your inspection to In progress.
  • Failed
  • Passed

      6. Select the communication method under Communication if you fail the inspection.

      7. Click Finish and Close Inspection.

You cannot pass the by-law enforcement inspection with any open violations. The violations must first be corrected and verified by a new visit. After that, you can set the violation as done, select Passed for the result, and close the inspection.

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