How to create a case for the complaint

Municipal by-law enforcement officers can manage all complaints in the Compliant and new cases view accessible from the user Dashboard. 

Usually, citizens will complain about by-law enforcement violations in their neighborhoods, for example, via phone, email, website, word of mouth, or social media. The By-Law Enforcement Officer receives the complaint and records it to Cloudpermit. Also, a case for a valid complaint will be created. An inspection request will be generated automatically during the case creation process. The inspection request will even be dispatched if the case contains enough information. Usually, the case includes only one inspection with multiple visits. 

This article explains how to create a case for the open complaint in the Complaints and new cases view.

  1. Search for the complaint by selecting the category type from the Category drop-down menu. The status Open is selected by default. You will have the matching data under Results.Graphical user interface, application, chat or text message Description automatically generated
  2. Click on the selected complaint card under Results to enter the complaint's detail view.
  3. Click Create Case.
  4. Fill out the case form:
  • Select Priority (High, Normal, Low).
  • Select the case category from the Category drop-down.
  • Type a description of the case. Use the text edit tools to make highlights in your text.
    • Select the correct alternative: 
    • In proximity of property - Select it if the by-law violation is not on the property.
    • Non-owner violation - Select it if the property owner is not responsible for the violation. 
  • Enter a description of the location.

       5. Click Create.

The above information will be displayed in the Case Description section in the By-law enforcement case workspace. 

6. The case includes a first inspection by default. You can change the inspection's date and time or assign it to the available inspector. Another way is to leave the inspection request as such by clicking Close. The detail can be modified in the By-law enforcement case workspace.

7. To change the first inspection and assignee data, choose them from the drop-down menus.

8. Click Open the New Case.

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9. You will enter the By-law enforcement case workspace to work on the case.Graphical user interface, application

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