How to send a response to a compliant

Cloudpermit allows citizens to decide if they wish to have a response to their by-law enforcement violation complaint. Citizens can leave a complaint, for example, via email, website, phone, word of mouth, or social media in their municipality. 

The first step is for the municipal By-Law Enforcement Officer to research the property history and locate the property on the interactive map. The authority creates a complaint according to the received violation information If the complaint is deemed valid. It will happen in the Complaint and new cases workspace in Cloudpermit. 

If the complainant wishes to receive a response to the complaint via email, the information will be recorded to Cloudpermit. The By-Law Enforcement Officer will email citizens to inform them that the code enforcement violation is duly noted and in process. The authority may also ask additional questions regarding the violation. The messaging between these parties happens via an email service provider link, not in Cloudpermit. 

This article explains how to respond to a complainant via email in Cloudpermit.

  1. Access the Complaint and new cases workspace from your Dashboard by clicking the Open Complaints link under the By-law enforcement section.Background pattern Description automatically generated with low confidence 
  2. Search for the property by typing its name into the search field or filter properties according to their categories and statuses.
  3. Cloudpermit displays the data matching your search under Results. 
  4. Select the complaint card and click on it.
  5. Click Send Reply.
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  6. You will enter the service provider's email template to type your message and send it to the recipient.Graphical user interface, text, application, email

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