How to view the property information

Cloudpermit provides a property view to view all information related to one property in the same view.

The view lists all building permits, planning applications, inspections, violations, deficiencies, payments, etc., with their status and details.

This tutorial explains how to view the property information in the application's workspace header.

NOTE! Property view shows only the data that you are authorized to see. You will not see, for example, other applications on the property if you are not collaborating on that application. Because of that, different roles might see different content for the same property.

  1. Select your application and navigate to the application workspace header.
  2. Click the Roll number/PID/PIN link.
  3. You will enter the property view. This view shows you data that you are authorized to see. Our example shows the Applicant is authorized to see building permits, inspections, and outstanding bills.
  4. Click Open to expand the section.
  5. The selected section "Building Permits" has the data shown in the image below.
  6. Click the arrow to enter the selected workspace.
  7. You will enter the Application workspace.
  8. Click the project's name link to return to the previous view.
  9. You have returned to the project view.

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