Admin|How to add a new PDF template for letter, modify and preview it

Administrators can configure letter templates, report templates for inspections, and fees & payments templates for Code Enforcement in the Templates configuration

The Templates configuration view is accessible from the User Menu's drop-down menu in the Cloudpermit header. Select Templates from the drop-down list.   

  1. After selecting Templates, you will enter the Permit templates configuration view.
  2. Scroll to Letter templates. Click the Add new PDF template for letter link.
  3. Enter a name for the letter.
  4. Click Create.
  5. Click Edit in the Letter template section.
  6. Make edits.
  7. Scroll down the view to preview your edits by clicking Preview PDF.
  8. Make your edits for the violation and property owner snippets by clicking Edit in the selected section. Cloudpermit saves all changes automatically.
  9. Once done, click Close to return to the Letter template view.
  10. Click Preview PDF to view how the template will show in the Letter section of the Code Enforcement Case workspace.
  11. The added letter PDF is selectable in the Letters section of the Code Enforcement Case workspace. The letter PDF will generate as it shows in the preview in step 10.

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