Release Notes 2022-08-02

New Features

Upper-tier submissions/approvals

Upper-tier municipalities such as counties and regional governments can now accept and process applications directly. Through the two-tier organizational structure on Cloudpermit, upper-tier municipalities can define which application types they accept and process and which ones they don't. For example, upper-tiers can now be set up to accept/process subdivision applications while lower-tiers will accept/process minor variance applications.

Note: Upper-tier processing is only available for customers in Canada.

Cancelling a Circulation request

When a circulation request has been sent to a stakeholder approval, it can be now cancelled right away after the request. An email is also sent to the same recipient that circulation has been cancelled and it's not anymore on their to-do list. Any active tasks are also removed automatically from the Dashboard.

Setting In-progress or Open circulations as incomplete

When the Workspace changes it's status forward, all circulations that have not been completed, are automatically set as "Incomplete". This is to signal that a stakeholder has started the work on the approval but it has not been finished for some reason. Any active tasks are also removed automatically from the Dashboard. Status changes are considered as follows:

  • Building applications (also Supplemental applications): From "In review" to "Ready to Issue"
  • Planning applications: From "In review", "Draft approval review" or Refused" To "In approval" or "Finished"
  • Pre-consultations: To "Complete"

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