Release Notes 2022-07-12

New Features

Copy workspaces

In certain types of projects, such as subdivisions, the developers and contractors need a large number of similar permits, at least one for every new building. Another good example of the need for similar permits would be a contractor doing similar pool- or plumbing projects across the municipality. Until this release, the applicant had to create and fill out every application from scratch. 

Now Cloudpermit allows the users to copy an existing workspace for a new application. The users are guided through few simple steps to select the location and to choose what information (contacts, attachments etc) is copied to the new workspace. After confirmation, the user can skim the new draft application, make modifications and additions if needed. pay and submit.

Start the copy from workspace action menu

Follow steps to define content to be copied

Select parties to copy to the new application

Select attachments to copy to the new application

Integration with NIC Online Payments 

We are introducing a configurable integration with NIC Online Payments, which is used widely by our Customers in Iowa. If you consider receiving online payments through this provider, please contact our Customer support to find out more and receive help on the setup. There are several other online payment integrations coming in the upcoming releases. 

Bug fixes and improvements

  • With the Pre-submission applications in our Planning solution, the Planners can now write the Result in the workspace, instead of uploading reports that are written outside of Cloudpermit. The Planners can write their recommendations and requirements in a text area with text editing capabilities, and once the process is complete, the Result will be shown and submitted in an email notification to the applicants.

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