Using Processing Time Calculator

The Processing Time Calculator feature allows municipal planning authorities to set processing times and deadlines for each approval application type or internal target. Supplying transparency into processing times and deadlines, this feature automatically calculates application review and decision-making deadlines for each application and displays their urgency on the user's Dashboard. Targets can be paused or adjusted at any time in the Processing Time Calculator section in the application workspace.

Additionally, applications can be sorted based on the closest or further due date to help planning departments keep track of the dates. 

Adjusting days

  1. Open the Actions drop-down menu and select Adjust dates.
  2. Select the date from the calendar and click Save.
  3. Select Pause.
  4. The processing time calculator of the selected application has been paused.
  5. Select Resume from the Actions drop-down list to resume the processing timeline calculator.
  6. Click Resume.
  7. The processing time calculator has been resumed.

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