How to know if the completed inspection includes deficiencies or remarks

Cloudpermit provides the Inspections feature that is accessible from the application. The feature allows requesting various inspections (Applicants), monitoring, and conducting inspections on-site (Authorities).

After the Inspector has conducted the required inspection on-site, the inspection report will be available in the application. Applicants will also receive an email notification about the inspection completion, including the inspection report. This report contains possible deficiencies and remarks the Inspector has recorded to the report.

If it is only a remark, the inspection usually is passed. If it is a deficiency, it must first be corrected until the inspection can be passed. In this case, the Inspector will record the deficiency, and fail the inspection. After the deficiency is corrected, an Applicant must request a new site visit for the failed one.

In this section, you will learn how to know if the completed inspection includes deficiencies or remarks. 

  1. In the Work & Construction workspace, scroll down to the Inspections section.
  2. Select the completed inspection and click OPEN.
  3. In the Inspection view, scroll to Deficiencies & Remarks.
  4. This section contains all deficiencies or remarks recorded during the inspection. Inspectors may also have added photos about the deficiencies or remarks to the Photos section.
  5. Remarks usually are not a reason for failing the inspection.
  6. If the inspection contains a deficiency, the inspection will be failed. 
  7. To find the failed inspection in the Inspections section of the workspace, select the failed inspection and click OPEN.
  8. In the Inspection view, scroll to Deficiencies & Remarks. The deficiency is recorded there. The Inspector may have added photos of the deficiency in Photos and failed the inspection. The downloadable report is saved in All Visits.
  9. After the deficiency is corrected, the Applicant will request a new visit to the site. 

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