How to check if the application has issued permits

The workspace header contains essential information about the application. This information includes, for example, a roll number of the property. All issued permits and inspections are linked to the property roll number. After entering the workspace header, parties to the application that are authorized to view application data may check by clicking the roll number if the property has issued permits, or completed or requested inspections.

In this section, you will learn how to check with a roll number if the application has issued permits and any completed or requested inspections.

  1. After entering the workspace header of the application, click the number series (a hyperlink) under Roll number.
  2. You will enter the view that comprises building permits and inspections of the property.
  3. You can navigate the application by selecting the permit under Building permits or an inspection under Inspections and clicking the arrow in the selected row.
  4. You will enter the selected application workspace for reviewing the inputted data. The More Actions drop-down on the right contains options for applying plans resubmission, or transfer of the permit.

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