How to copy an existing project workspace to a new application workspace

An application in Cloudpermit is part of a project. A project can include multiple applications. 

A building permit or a planning application may necessitate the creation of new workspaces, which you can do at any time in Cloudpermit by copying existing project workspace details to a new application workspace. Both of these applications must be located in the same municipality. It is not permitted to link two applications from different municipalities. The new application workspace will be included in the selected project. 

This article shows you the steps for copying an existing project workspace to a new application workspace. Read the help article for copying a workspace for a new project here.

  1. Navigate to the "More Actions" drop-down menu in the application workspace header and select "Copy as a new workspace" from the list.
  2. You will be taken to the "Project Selection" workspace. Click the "Select Existing Project" tab under "Project Selection" because you will create this new application workspace for an existing project.
  3. Choose the project to which you want to link this workspace copy, and then scroll down the view and click the "Next" button at the bottom of the workspace.
  4. Entering the property address or roll number into the search field will yield the property location on the map. Another method for locating the property is to drag the map and then click on the property. Cloudpermit displays the property data on the right side of the map in both options.
  5. Click "Next."
  6. In this view, you can decide if you want to move parties from the current workspace to the new workspace. You can also invite stakeholders to your workspace later in the application.
  7. This section contains all of the attachments that are currently available. Select the attachments that should be included in the new workspace.
  8. You will be notified if the workspace does not have any attachments.
  9. In this view, you will have a summary of your selections. To proceed, click the "Create Workspace" button.
  10. The workspace has been copied to the existing project. Click the "project name" link at the top of the workspace header to be taken to the project workspace view.
  11. The copied workspace is listed in the project's "Applications" section.

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