What does a workspace include?

Cloudpermit user interface offers many helpful features for applicants and authorities to work efficiently on applications and permits.

A workspace is a key concept in Cloudpermit. It is a collaborative digital place for all parties involved in the permit, planning, and construction process. A workspace enables adding, updating, modifying, uploading, and storing permit application and project process information. 

Every workspace is always part of a project. A project can include one or many workspaces. They all are handled in the same project through individual workspaces.

A workspace contains all the processes, functionalities, and data needed to manage applications and permits.  

The workspace card contains application details, like a project name, property address, and an Applicant's name. It also includes the application status and permit number.

Additionally, an Applicant can manage the application's email notifications (Enable/Disable) on the workspace card.

A workspace card allows Applicants and Authorities to enter the Messaging portal to collaborate with involved Stakeholders on the application.

By clicking on Open Workspace, an Applicant navigates to the application workspace, containing sections with actions to which the Applicant must contribute.

After the application submission, Authorities receive the building permitting application and start working on the application workspace.  

The authority interface offers functionalities to perform plan reviews, request additional reviews and circulation, collaborate with Applicants and all involved Stakeholders through the Messaging portal (available also in the Applicant workspace header), add forms, required attachments, and bills, and issue permits. 

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