How to create a new case without a complaint and modify its planned inspection

Users are provided with the ability to create a new case without a complaint directly from their "Dashboard" in Cloudpermit. 

You will start creating a complaint and then adding a case for it. The "Code Enforcement" widget includes the new case creation function. It is accessible from the Code Enforcement widget view by clicking "Create New Case."

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a case without a complaint starting from your Dashboard. After the case creation, you also learn how to modify the planned inspection in the code enforcement case workspace.

  1. Navigate to the "Code Enforcement" widget in your Dashboard. Click "Create New Case" shown in the above image.
  2. You will enter the "Complaints and new cases" view. Search for your property by the address or roll number. You can also click and drag on the mouse to find the property.
  3. After finding your property, the complaint card opens, and you can start filling out the complaint form. Once done, click "Submit."
  4. Click "Create Case." If the property has existing complaints, check the "Include existing complaints."  
  5. Fill out the case description.
  6. Select the case's priority (High, Normal, Low).
  7. Choose the category from the drop-down menu.
  8. Type a description of the case. Use the text editing tools to highlight your description text.
  9. Click "Create."
  10. Cloudpermit automatically generates a scheduled inspection request for the case. Check the inspection request details carefully. If you must change the details, the best way is to make them right away by clicking "Open the New Case."
  11. You will enter the "Code enforcement case" workspace. Scroll down to the "Inspections" section.
  12. The automatically created inspection request is the unconfirmed status there. 
  13. Click "Modify Request" to edit the inspection request.
  14. Click "Change Date".
  15. Select a new requested date and timeslot from the drop-down menu. Type in additional information for an Inspector (optional) and click "Update and Close."
  16. If you wish to cancel the request, check "I want to cancel this request" and click "Cancel Now and Close."
  17. You have now successfully modified your inspection request.

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