How to enter the Complaints and new cases view and work on it

Municipal authorities can manage the citizen complaints in the Complaints and new case view accessible from the Cludpermit Dashboard. 

In this section, you will learn how to enter the Complaints and new cases view from your Dashboard and how to work on it.  

  1. Click the Open Complaints link in the Code Enforcement section.  
  2. The Complaints and new cases view opens up. 
  3. The view displays all complaint locations with pins on the map. The complaint cards appear in the Results section, where you can find more details about the complaint.
  4. You can search for properties by address or map them on the interactive map. You can also use the Filter functionality to find complaints by category types and progress statuses. 
  5. Cloudpermit displays the matching data on the map and in the Results section.
  6. After finding the property by an address search or mapping it on the interactive map, Cloudpermit provides you with a complaint card to create a complaint for it.

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