How to conduct a new visit to the property

Suppose the property has a failed code enforcement inspection. The Inspector has created a violation that the property owner must correct.  The municipality inspector will start a new visit to the property to verify the violation has been corrected. 

In this tutorial, you will learn how to start and conduct a new visit to the property.  

  1. Scroll to Inspections in the Code Enforcement Case workspace.
  2. Click the OPEN link to enter the inspection view.
  3. You will enter the Inspection view.
  4. Scroll down to the All Visits section to see the visits and their results for the property.
  5. Scroll down to Violations & Remarks to view all violations and remarks of the property.
  6. Scroll to the Photos section to view the uploaded photos for the case.
  7. Scroll up the view and Start New Visit.
  8. Scroll down to Violations & Remarks. If you must create a new violation/remark for the property, Add New Violation/Remark+ and follow the instructions in the How to find, add, edit, and delete violations and remarks of the active case.
  9. If the existing violation is corrected, select the check box "Done".
  10. If you wish to add photos to the inspection, scroll to the Photos section and follow the instructions for adding, editing, downloading, or removing photos for inspection.
  11. Scroll down to the Inspections & Visits Result section. Select the result of the visit from the Result for the visit* drop-down menu.
  12. If you fail the inspection, select Failed and give a reason for the failure. Click Finish and Close Inspection.
  13. If you pass the inspection, select Passed from the Result for this visit* drop-down menu and click Finish and Close Inspection.
  14. Click Yes. 
  15. The inspection is now finished.  

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