How to add, edit, and delete violations and remarks

The Code Enforcement Case workspace has all the necessary details and functions for a case. 

During the field inspection, the Inspector may record a violation or a remark for the case. It happens in the Violations & Remarks section of the Inspection view. After that, the Violations & Remarks section will also appear in the Code Enforcement Case workspace. 

This tutorial shows how to add a new violation/remark to a case, and how to edit, or delete it from the case.  

  1. Suppose you have started the field inspection and are working on the inspection view of the case.
  2. .Scroll down to the Violations and Remarks section.

    1. Click Add New Violation/Remark +.
    2. Select the Discovery date from the Calendar.
    3. Select the check box This is only a remark if it applies. 
    4. Add a Reference title.
    5. Enter a detailed description of the finding in the Describe finding in detail*. 
    6. Click Add and Close.
    7. The draft violation or remark appears in the Violations & Remarks section.
    8. Click Edit.
    9. Make edits and click Save.
    10. Click Delete.
    11. Click Yes. The created violation/remark will be deleted from the case.

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