How to add, edit, or remove case notes (internal)

The Code Enforcement Case workspace has all the necessary details and functions for a case. 

The  Case Notes (Internal) section includes notes authorities create during the case process. They are visible only to the authorities who have permission to view the case. 

A user can add, edit, or remove internal case notes from the case.

This tutorial shows to add, edit, or remove internal case notes in the Code Enforcement Case workspace.

  1. Scroll down to Case Notes (Internal). 
  2. Click Add New Note+. 
  3. Use the formatting toolbar to make highlights for your text. 
  4. Click Save.
  5. The case note is created.
  6. Click on the case note field. The Edit and Delete options appear on the right.
  7. Click Edit.
  8. Make your edits in the text field and click Save.
  9. Your case note changes have been saved, as shown below.
  10. Select Delete to remove the case note from the case.
  11. Confirm your deletion by clicking Yes.
  12. The case note is removed from the case. 

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