How to manage your draft pre-consultation request

A pre-consultation process in planning permitting allows potential applicants and their authorized representatives to present and discuss their development proposals with relevant municipality staff and external agencies. 

Cloudpermit provides an easy step-by-step process for applicants to request the pre-consultation from the municipal planning authority.

Inviting parties

  1. Scroll down to the Parties to the Application section.
  2. Click Add or Invite Party+. 
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  3. The Add party card allows you to manually add the Invitee's email or input details if the Invitee doesn't have an email address. You can also give roles to act in the request and application. The number of roles is not limited. Give permission, for example, to modify or add new applications. You can change these permissions anytime. Enter a message to the Invitee, for instance, saying that you need the Invitee's expertise on your plans.
  4. Click Send Invite. The Invitee will have an email notification about the invite to accept or decline it.
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  5. The Invitee's party card remains in the Pending step until the invitation is accepted/declined. See more articles about inviting parties to the application here.Text, whiteboard 
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Deleting a draft pre-consultation request

If you don't want to submit your draft pre-consultation request, you may delete it from Cloudpermit. All uploaded attachments will also be deleted. 

  1. Navigate to the top of the pre-consultation header and expand the More Action drop-down menu. Select Delete application.
  2. Select Yes, I want to delete the application. Click Delete.
  3. You will receive a confirmation from Cloudpermit that your application has been successfully deleted. The confirmation appears under the Cloudpermit header.

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